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Mission Statement

The STEM Wiki Textbook's mission is to bring top-tier education to everyone. We emphasize independent, creative, problem-solving and promote the development of intuition in our students. We endeavour to make the process of learning as engaging and student-driven as possible.


Please follow the link, if you would like to read about the motivation for SWT.

Contact Us

To confound the web scrapers, I will present our e-mail address using a little game. It is a Microsoft Outlook account. The address is stem_wiki_textbook with an at sign then outlook followed by a dot/period and then com. You can copy, paste, and replace with the two symbols relatively easily.

Social Media


Bruce (CEO)

Bruce (CEO)

Hi! My name is Bruce! I'm the Cat Exaltation Officiator (CEO) here at the STEM Wiki Textbook. I am the most important staff member. I take care of all the most complicated and challenging tasks, like eating, sleeping, lying in sunbeams, and staring at dust particles. On particularly good days, I chatter at birds who land in my garden and chase off large rodents. I bear the responsibility of emptying all the tuna cans the organization obtains, as well as ensuring no box goes unslept in. I sometimes even do a little fan service. It can be a grueling undertaking, but there just aren't many beings out there with the finely honed skills I possess. I consider it my duty to my fellow Earthlings, to continue the hard work of managing the STEM Wiki Textbook. Truly the SWT project (and all the world) would be impoverished if I were to cease.

Whiki (CTO)


Hi! Bruce here! I figured I'd write the rest of the staff's biographies too.

This is Whiki. He is the Cute Taloned Owl (CTO) here at the STEM Wiki Textbook. He occasionally helps me clear the property of rodents, but we don't actually interact much. I tried to catch Whiki one day (because he looked delicious). Ever since he has insisted on working the night shift, and usually stays way up on his perch. He serves as a kind of mascot for the SWT.

Jeff (CFO)


Hi! Bruce again! Check out the sweet selfie of me and Jeff! Don't we look great!

Jeff is the Canned Food Opener (CFO) here at the STEM Wiki Textbook. Jeff was a stray I found wandering on the streets. He was flea-bitten and starving. I felt so sorry for him that I took him in. After a few visits to the human clinic and a thorough flea bath (Jeff hates baths) he started to perk up.

I gave him a temporary position as an unpaid intern at the SWT, but he showed his skill at opening cans, so I decided to make the position permanent. When he is not waiting on me hand and foot, Jeff has some frivolous hobbies which entertain him. For instance, he makes the SWT website and all the content therein. Anyone could do that! The poor guy will probably be riding my coattails forever, but that's ok I still like him!