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The STEM Wiki Textbook's goal is to provide the highest quality education to everyone. However, in these early years, it would be inappropriate to claim that we have everything figured out. In the future, we plan to have a robust ecosystem for learning, that has been fully vetted against education curricula and standards worldwide. We intend to have education experts critique and optimize our approach. For now, we are still building this infrastructure.

To avoid frivolous lawsuits, from overly litigious people around the globe, the SWT disclaims all responsibility for the content on this website. It is to be used at the reader's own risk and for entertainment purposes only. It is provided as-is, with no responsibility on the creator to maintain it. All articles are to be considered prototypes, alpha versions, or beta versions. Please consult recognized education experts if you need help. If you are a minor who is struggling in school, please talk to your teachers, parents, or legal guardians.